SAP BTP Capabilities and BTP based Applications

SAP BTP helps to enable business as an intelligent enterprise where data driven decisions can be on fast track with the help of the intelligent and integrated technologies platform of BTP.

Some of the benefits of SAP BTP are:
1. Flexibility – SAP BTP is a highly flexible platform allowing to activate the services which are needed. It also allows users to pick and choose the services clients need as opposed to keeping expensive long-term contracts of the servers or applications without use of it in the business.
2. Freedom – Freedom to pick and choose applications and integration technologies makes the platform versatile. Clients may opt to use open source as opposed to FIORI or proprietary technologies. Although SAP clients tend to gain from SAP based technologies because of API and upgrade advantages, there are no restrictions for choosing other multiple technologies. Please refer to BTP architecture.
3. Measure Productivity – Since there are modular approach and transparency in the usage of the applications and the database at BTP platform, clients may be monitoring the usage and productivity very closely and compare with the business outcomes.
4. Pay-As-You-Go Model – Clients may choose from two different models offered to the clients. We can enable our clients from the day one using Pay-As-You-Go model with a very minimal investments

McKinsol has launched a number of SAP BTP based applications. One of its flagship applications is Intelligent Data Management Xpress (iDMX). Please refer for more details

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