iRACE Methodology

McKinsol’s iRACE methodology is an Agile-Hybrid approach based on latest SAP best practices including ACTIVATE, SUM (Software Update Manager), Waterfall and helps cut down the SAP S/4 implementation significantly by using accelerated deployment of preconfigured business scenarios in the system. These business processes are based on the industry best practices and thus helps faster solution implementation while maintaining high standards in quality. The accelerated scenario system configurations have been created based on the vast and deep experience of various clients worked on by the McKinsol’s team.

iRACE consists of Accelerators to jump start the project at the speed of GO to make project a smooth success. iRACE has been thoughtfully formulated considering complexity and waterfall nature of some steps while taking advantage of agile approach to the fullest in a flexible environment. 

The very first Lap starts with Project Planning, Analysis of client processes and Design for the implementation with definitive tasks. Build phase is provided with accelerators which minimizes the downtime for realization and the system readiness for Testing in the second lap. The Walk methodology helps Data Migration as parallel activity to organize the implementation gain a breathing time for final Deployment. Baton is passed for running lap for smooth effortless implementations. 

iRACE details the Phases, Activities and Deliverables articulately with expected gate results for sign-offs. This methodology also has readymade Delivery Methodology, RACI definitions, Communication Plans, Escalation Plans to get the time-tested results with neatly defined solutions.