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Handling incoming Orders with SAP Business Technology Platform

Handling incoming Orders with SAP Business Technology Platform Process email orders automatically and intelligently Requirement: automatically process orders sent by customer in PDF format over email. Solution: combine and orchestrate multiple SAP BTP services in one central integration flow. Benefits: the process of receiving and processing orders is done faster, is less error-prone and complies ...

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ISOX – Intelligent Sales Order Express

With this app, you as an internal sales representative can create sales orders containing basic information in a fast and easy way. You can open the app using the ISOX app. Note that this app only offers the described functionality for all sales order types that your configuration expert has assigned.  If multiple sales areas ...
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SAP BTP for Master Data Governance

SAP has come up with a Cloud edition of SAP Master Data Governance tool, which is powered by SAP BTP. We can connect to the services for SAP Master Data Governance, Cloud edition from SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and offer seamless integration with heterogeneous application landscape utilizing SAP BTP power. SAP MDG on ...
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Optimize your S4 HANA Deployment

By Abhishek Kaushal, Solution Architect With the advancement in adoption of digital technologies, SAP had been at the center of most of the digital transformations taking place globally. With its Digital Core and Intelligent enterprise Framework, SAP had been leading the charge at many global corporations to disrupt the legacy and help them navigate to ...
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SAP Managed Services by McKinol

Managing many applications, processes, regulations and requirements has become a challenge in recent days for companies. Humongous operations keep on happening through many ways, data being added to the systems and the executives find a tough challenge to concentrate on futuristic solutions, initiatives, facilities in changing scenarios due to many constraints. Pandemic is just an ...
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Digital Enterprise (Recent Hype and Moden Practices)

Hype cycles are fun and exciting in today’s fast pace of modern age or ex-industrial revolution, if we may call today’s era. We know that the industrial revolution brought machines in and standardized processes of manufacturing in volume to create economies of scale. Now the focus has greatly and vastly shifted to a great degree ...
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Delivery management

Delivery is one very sensitive part of the sales journey. Sometimes things go west with the delivery of goods mainly because of poor management or unclear descriptions of locations. Not to worry, our SAP S/4HANA strategies will cover these grey areas for you. Our solutions would pervade any location documentation, unredeemed delivery pardon emails to ...
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Sales order processing and organization

Once your inventory is arranged, the next big thing on your list will be making sales order in your business more efficient and user-friendly than competitors in your niche. You will need an improved order processing and organization strategy- so as to avoid issues like data entry errors, duplicate or lost orders, communication lag, order ...
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Organize your sales with McKinsol’s SAP and S/4HANA management strategies

Keeping your business tidy may be tricky and somewhat difficult a task especially as a customer-business relationship has become a little more inconsistent with a rowdy media and the internet. Selling as a very familiar concept has become more complex with customers expecting a perfect system usually due to their familiarity with technological trends. The ...
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Product Inventory Management

Most fashion retailers overlook giving attention to their inventory- how it looks and how it works. Here at McKinsol, we think your inventory matters a lot. With our SAP and S/4HANA strategies in place, your product inventory will have the look it deserves. In traditional methods of inventory management, data is used to keep up ...
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